Coney Island, Michael Schacht

In Spring 2014….

I loved loved loved Coney Island. I was pretty shocked to see it as I thought it was out of print, and there it was on the shelf. Grabbed that up pretty quick. I’d actually deleted it from my wishlist as I was that convinced I would never get it. I was considering Steam Park as fairground themed worker placement instead but as it turns out Coney Island wasn’t as worker placement as I thought. It’s just, I don’t know…fun! Cute. Playing and trading components to build your fairground. It’s quaint! I love the design and the tiny little rides like the Ghost Train. I feel again like it’s a family and clearly wasn’t designed to be a tough play…not that it’s easy figuring out your turn and how to maximise it! It’s light and fun and a nice break if you’ve been playing something hardcore. Love it. I still fancy Steam Park though, I’m a sucker for all this stuff. More Info


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