Pret A Porter, Piotr Haraszczak, Ignacy Trzewiczek

This a review I wrote in early 2014….man that table cloth looks ugly in the photos!

First game of Pret a Porter last night, bought from Hula Games on eBay. It’s a fashion based worker placement game and I was so excited to get it. Not a bad first game, the rules are pretty straightforward when you finally figure out the rule book! It’s a Polish game and badly translated with some er rules left out?! We had to refer to a video run through a couple of times. It’s only the second worker placement I’ve played, and it was really enjoyable. To me it feels less like a ‘game’ and more like an activity, although obviously a game is an activity if you know what I mean? Playing with two people there was that element of competition and the race to put your marker down first to get the card or move you want in order to kick ass at your fashion show which you prepare for every two rounds. I can imagine with more people it would be far more vicious. Me and my fella nearly come to blows over vintage bed-wear! I think the fun part is thinking ahead bad strategically planning and of course the despair when it all goes tits up! I loved collecting the little dollar bills, very cute! And of course the theme of the game is really cool and even Jon who is not a huge fashion mogul could get on board with it, because it all makes sense! I did lose but hey ho! We’re playing again tonight so maybe I’ll make up for it. I’d recommend if you can get hold of it-lots of fun! More info



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