CV, Filip Miłuński

So we played CV last night for the first time in ages, and maybe it was the wrong game at the wrong time but I was surprised at how much I didn’t enjoy it compared to a couple of years ago. Perhaps it’s because now we’re more seasoned gamers or maybe it’s because it’s just not that great but man it was a slog. It’s very cute and a nice idea, matching up your dice and symbols on the cards to build your ‘life’ and meet your secret and common objectives, and the cards are amusingly illustrated and I genuinely enjoyed it a few times in the past but when we played it last night I felt like I was just staring at symbols whilst my brain melted. So maybe it’s a good gateway game, a good ‘family’ game but for a more experienced gamer it’s a bit…dull? Ah man, I hate being negative! But there you have it. More Info


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