Puerto Rico, Andreas Seyfarth

Bit late to the party with this one but we bought Puerto Rico a couple of weeks ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it.


I’ve heard about it for a long time but never  considered it, I think I judged the game by its cover and thought it looks very similar to alot of other eurogames, it looks a bit dry etc but now I’m happy to say I was wrong! So Jon informed me it was a economy engine builder and we don’t have many of them in our collection. You spend your turns building your errr economy by settling plantations for corn, coffee, sugar, indigo and tobacco. You set up buildings and trade and ship your goods. And it works incredibly smoothly, once you get the hang of it you can have lightening fast rounds with no messing about or replenishing components in between, so you can just keep on going. You make money and score victory points and get bonus VP’s for the more expensive buildings and the game ends when your VP’s or colonists run out.


Custom made wooden ships by Jon really added something to the game!

Yes the colonists, this brings me on to the slightly problematic part of the concept….are the colonists representing slaves? Is this game about slavery? There are some mixed thoughts out there, with one camp being like yeah maybe but it’s just a game, but if that was the case I wouldn’t be comfortable with it because I mean you can’t just play anything for entertainment and say ah well it’s just a game, for example I wouldn’t want to play a game about little kids in a sweatshop or the kkk so errrrm NO, but I’m in the camp of it’s probably not representing slavery because the colonists aren’t just working on the plantations, they’re working in the markets and going to the university and the hospice and yeah I’m just not convinced, but it irritates me that this is even a thing, because it takes away from an otherwise really good game, so I wish Mr Seyfarth had made it very obvious that it’s not the case.

I’m pleased to discover that there are two expansions because my only concern is that if you play Puerto Rico too much it becomes a bit too straightforward and not very challenging. Recently we’ve been playing our new purchases a hell of a lot. When we had more money we’d but several games and rotate them but now we can’t buy as many we often play the same one lots and really enjoy it but become pro’s at it far too quickly! So there you go, Puerto Rico, in my opinion not about slavery, a really good game but expansions needed if you want to bulk it up a bit! More Info




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