Broom Service, Andreas Pelikan Alexander Pfister


This game was released during my brief hiatus from gaming, so I didn’t  know it existed until recently. When Jon mentioned it I was instantly in love the theme as I’ve had a long term interest in witchcraft since a teenager. Being an 80’s child in the UK I grew up reading The Worst Witch and Puddle Lane and the gorgeous artwork on Broom Service is very reminiscent of that era. It’s also the first ‘pick up and deliver’ game that I have played.


It’s super twee and cute and the Meeples have witches hats and it’s pretty much just adorable. So it was a pleasant surprise that this is one hell of a vicious game. Vicious! There’s something about it that is so competitive and infuriating and just makes me go ‘arghhhhhhh!!!’ For me it’s because I have plans and strategy that gets completely screwed every turn, but that’s why this cutesy game is so clever, because you’re having to strategise on different levels. You’re constantly figuring out what your opponent is going to do, what your plan is and what your back up plan is. I love this game, I did want to throttle Jon a couple of times, nothing like a bit of healthy competition and murderous feelings I say!

I really like the dichotomy of the theme with how you play it, and the really good thing is that you can add extra rules and components to the game if you want to make it more challenging…which we do! This was one of the best games we’ve bought in a while and I think everyone needs to don a witches hat and play it. More Info


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