Board Game Design- My new journey

I am designing my own game! I spoke with Jon a couple of years ago about us designing a game together, but we both kind of forgot about the idea, shrugging it off as a nice thought but something we could never do. Recently it’s been in the back of my mind to really actually give it a go. And once I get an idea in my head, that’s it, i’m doing it! Or going to damn well try.

I had some initial ideas but there’s one I’m running with that’s also themed around a topic i’m passionate and knowledgable about which helps! Although i’ve shared my ideas and discuss them with Jon, i’m on my own with this (although will definitely need some advice with certain areas i’m not so confident in). Jon is working on his own game too, and they are both very different! It’s hard for me in a way because he works differently from me and it’s hard not to look at what he’s done and feel like i’m lagging behind or need to do something different. But left to my own devices and with my own headspace things start to make sense, and my way of working suits me. I must be mad because I am pretty time poor, what with having a baby and back to part time working, but i’m finding spare moments here and there to work on it, and i’m really enjoying it so far.

I have had a few banging my head against the wall moments and i’m sure they’ll be plenty more of those to come! But I’m happy to be doing this. I’m not going to write about it too much in this early development stage, I genuinely find if i’m writing about a project then i’m probably spending less time doing it! Also reluctant to speak too much about it, because if it all falls apart i’ll feel like a real idiot! But if the process gets further along i’ll definitely be sharing some ideas and looking for options, feedback, play testers etc. It may be at an early play testing stage next week so I can give it some solo plays and two player run throughs.

I’m very excited, I do love to dream big, and you never know, watch this space, maybe in a year or 18 months you could have my game in your hands. Or maybe not….here’s to hoping!



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