Board Games For Mini Humans 

During the day I am plagued by adverts on the TV Channel Tiny Pop. It’s a cute channel that my daughter watches or we have playing in the background a bit. Don’t get me wrong it’s not on all day long, and like every parent I had ideas of grandeur that we won’t let her watch too much TV. But reality sets in and you realise that no, at some points during the day TV is a much needed tool. Anyway, back to the topic in hand…

On this channel I’ve seen a lot of game adverts. I’ve come to think Hasbro is the devil of board game culture. So we have some ‘classics’ getting air time like Hungry Hippos and Buckaroo, and i’m thinking ok….but then there’s a lot of complete and utter crap, ‘new, exciting and fun’ games. And this is the type of thing that makes me so annoyed and disappointed. Kids whose parents aren’t into the whole designer board game genre or are maybe not aware of it (I wasn’t up till a few years ago!) may buy Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly, or the latest fad game like ‘Pie Face’ or a television show based game. But then I see stuff advertised like the lowest common denominator: ‘Seagull Splat’ about a bird who…shits?? And there’s also one about a dog that shits, and man with excessive snot, and one about not wanting to get bitten by a dog (Buster’s Bones?) and honestly even writing these sentences I feel a horrible sense of unpleasantness. I mean, i don’t think i’m being humourless. It’s just that there’s nothing charming or sweet there. Nothing clever or witty. Nothing that tells a story. This makes me very sad. And it makes me want to do something. It’s crazy how many hundreds of games exist that are perfect for growing minds, nurturing children’s creativity, boosting confidence, story telling, dexterity, I could go on. I’ll admit to not being an expert in childrens games as i’ve not researched this area too thoroughly yet. But I’ve seen some good ones i’d like to play with my daughter when she’s old enough. I see plenty of parents on Instagram posting photos of their kids playing something awesome. Maybe they’ll talk about it at school. Or maybe they’ll have a friend over and they’ll play together. Maybe they’ll tell their parents to get it for them too. Maybe that parent will look at other games by the same publisher or designer and they’ll buy another. I hope so.

So i’ve been thinking about the near future (I have to say near, I can’t say immediate because a/I don’t know what i’m doing b/time is short right now) but in the near future I was thinking of starting a board game day/event something to that affect for kids in the area. Maybe the next major school holiday, like summer, would be a nice aim. Only I have some problems that obviously I need to research. I’m pretty savvy with speaking to people/local businesses, hiring a location, local advertising etc. But with no spare cash to fund such a venture I don’t know where to get the funding. I need a space. I need an awesome selection of kids games. I’d probably need a CRB check certificate too as I’ve never worked with kids before so that’s kind of necessary these days. It makes me sad that most things come down to money or lack of. But people do it. Somehow they manage. So there’s no reason I can’t find a way to do this.

If anyone out there who reads this has organised anything similar, knows someone who has managed something similar or anyone who just knows STUFF and fancies being helpful to a stranger, please get in touch!



One thought on “Board Games For Mini Humans 

  1. Allen O'Connor says:

    I actually played a giant version of Pie Face at Essen last year, pretty funny but not much of a game really.

    Haba seem to be doing the most interesting games for kids at the moment, such as Animal upon Animal, and Rhino Hero. Also there’s a guy called Aza Chen from Taiwan making some amazing kids games, like Cat Tower and Doggy Go.

    The best thing about these games, is that they’re just as fun for adults too.


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