Lone Girl Gamer


It was Girls Game Shelf that got me thinking about how I never really play games with females. When I saw their  video posted on Board Game Geek a few weeks ago I was like wow this is awesome, just a bunch of cool girls hanging out, having fun and playing games. This is like an alien concept to me. I also discovered @BoardGamePrincess on Instagram, two besties dressing up and playing great games. That’s lovely! I love dressing up to play games!  Personally I don’t know any women who play tabletop games. I follow many females online who are avid gamers, but no female friends in real life who I can say ‘hey come over and play this’. I was thinking how good it would be to play more tabletop games with those of my gender, who know the language of board gaming (i.e not friends I’ve had to twist an arm to play!) I’ve only ever played with guys (apart from a friends girlfriend once or twice and my partner’s sister). It would be very different for me to play with other women in a group. This is in no way saying it would be preferable because it’s the people you play with that make the game, not the gender obviously, but it would be really cool and just a completely different dynamic to what I’m used to. I should definitely be thinking about starting a meet up or something to that affect. I’m beginning to see a pattern here. Things I should be doing vs what I actually am doing. Currently; trying to stop my daughter eating wires.

Girls Game Shelf are live on Kickstarter right now, raising funds to make their new series, you can check this out here. I’d love to see more women reviewing and playing games so I’m a backer!  And whilst I’m on this female love-in, I’m a recent fan of @boardgamingpinupgirl on Instagram and you can find on her on To Die For Games here.

4 thoughts on “Lone Girl Gamer

  1. Frazer says:

    My wife is my regular game partner BUT she doesn’t really go out Find gamers or even to my games group.
    She likes playing games and is into the heavier games but prefers to do it with friends and people she already knows. she will come to the big events uk games Expo and Essen this year and really enjoy it but not that fussed about a evening in a damp pub playing games.

    In the club itself we have about 1/5 females but majority are wives/girlfriends of a male member. (I can think of one that comes independently) of the females id say 50% are the main “gamer” but still partners come with them.

    Not sure what the point I’m making is or even if I have one but…


    • Haha yeah I’m never sure if I have a point either! That’s interesting though. I mainly play with my partner as we both love playing games and it’s our joint hobby. We’ve never been to any gaming events together though. I wonder if we did people would think he was the gamer and I was there as a partner. Hmmmm.


      • Frazer says:

        That is the normal reaction I think. I know the two main bloggers on BOardgamegeek are female who are the main hobbyists, (@punkin312 and @minasfreshcardboard on Instagram) If you are anywhere close the UK Expo is a good one. Plenty of games/gaming shopping. I believe there are playtesting tables too if you are any where near a full game design.


      • Thanks so much Frazer! Yeah I’m not too far away from the UK Expo, I’m outside of London. I was checking it out, most likely it’s more realistic that I’ll get to go next year when my daughter is a bit older and maybe by then I’ll be closer or have reached a full game design! Fingers crossed!


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