A truly terrifying read 

Wow. I just came across an article. As a female gamer this scared the crap out of me. I guess I am just really naive, I did not think for one second this kind of thing would take place in the tabletop gaming community. What the actual hell? I really believed that the world of tabletop was a truly all inclusive community. I guess it was wishful thinking on my part, and I know that you get absolutely arseholes in every walk of life and not everyone has bad experiences. For the time being I have only came across friendly, supportive and just nice people, but I guess that’s only been online. Read this if you have the stomach. A crap way to start my day having read this, but it can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. 


4 thoughts on “A truly terrifying read 

    • Hey, thanks for reading! Yeah I mean I was really talking about how it would be fun for me to play games with girls as it’s something I have never done, but I’d never be like ‘oh this is a girls ONLY’ type thing. It makes me really upset to think of women or as the article highlights minority groups in the gaming community feeling intimated or being verbally or physically attacked. It was eye opening! Hopefully this kind of thing will happen less and less.


  1. forestface says:

    That’s a truly heartbreaking and infuriating story. I’m glad I read it though, I think it’s an important truth to be aware of. Thankfully I’ve never experienced or heard of anything like that happening in Denmark.


    • I really thought it was too. Apparently on BGG forums and Reddit there’s a bit of controversy over that article, some people saying that she is lying or exaggerating but personally I think that’s bullshit. I’m so glad that you’ve never heard of anything like that in Denmark!


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