Games I’m Excited For, 2016

My wishlist is crazy big, it’s almost as big as my (joint) games collection. My list contains plenty of games I’ve been coveting for some time such as Memoir ’44, Alchemists, Alien Legendary Encounters, Cyclades, Spirits of The Rice Paddy (I could go on but I’ll stop there!) I’ve also been given a ton of recommendations to cool abstract games to play, mostly from Nestrogames whose website I devoured for a good while last week. If I went searching on Kickstarter i’d probably find a few more gems i’d like to back. But (huuuuuuuge sigh) since disposable income is virtually non existent at the moment this will most likely remain an ever-growing wishlist (although we do have Food Chain Magnate floating around in the world somewhere waiting to be delivered and The Gallerist arrived today, so can’t complain too much but I can imagine that might be the last for a while) On this blog post I thought i’d share the new releases and up and coming games I am most excited about this year.

Let’s begin in the present. Thunder & Lightning has just been released in the UK. Another dose of Norse Mythology (I recently enjoyed Odin’s Ravens as per my recent blog post) featuring Thor and Loki in a clever game of hand management. It’s a reimplement of the 2000 game Hera and Zeus, which I had heard of but never played. You lay cards head to head in columns and use a number of actions depending on the number of cards in your columns to challenge your opponent in an epic battle of cards to gain control of the two coveted items and remove your opponents cards. I’m looking forward to discovering more!


Up and coming we have Histrio by Bombyx Games. Ok, I’ll admit it, I saw beautifully illustrated animals in renaissance clothing, a miniature theatre and Bruno Cathala’s name on it and that’s all it took to get me interested! It looks to be a family game about gathering a troupe of weird and wonderful animal actors and putting on a play for a fickle king, which could earn you pots of money or lose you everything. Intriguing!


Onitama is released this month, it’s an English first edition brought to us by Arcane Wonders, and I am very excited for this modest but full abstract strategy game. Our boardgame collection is severely lacking in abstract games so it’s hopefully going to be a lot of fun and a nice little brain burner. The new packaging and design look a little bit aesthetically pleasing as well I must say.


Live on Kickstarter as we speak is The Vampire, The Elf and The Cthulhu by Giochix and it looks very interesting indeed. In this card drafting and auction game you are writing a novel using protagonists, characters, places and items. However this is not a story telling game, it’s more involved with meeting objectives to make the base of a cool horror novel, by matching up cards in colour and sequence and playing encounters, events and enhancing powers of cards you can play. It also has lovely quill components and beautiful artwork. If you want find out more go visit their Kickstarter here!


Escape From The Aliens In Outer Space from 2010 is getting a re-release in May (original currently on sale for £192!) and this looks brilliant. A pencil and paper (or wipe dry markers in this new edition, oooh-er) allow you to move around a a grid of a derelict space craft avoiding an alien plague that has transformed human crew into alien monsters, in a game of bluff and strategy. I loved the the promo video for this and the artwork is amazing. In the right atmosphere this could play out like a creepy as hell horror sci-fi. I’m sorry to have missed this one the first time round, but so glad to have an opportunity to snap this up. If I had the money i’d be getting my pre-order on right now!


Worlds Fair 1893, this caught my attention on the Game’s Lore pre-order page. Due to release in May, this is card drafting and set collecting (personal faves for me) where players gain reputation points for pioneering and leading in different areas of the fair such as fine art and science. I love that the cards have factual information on them (like in Neanderthal you can learn lots of interesting facts that you didn’t know before!) and it looks like good friendly fun, which is always welcome in my games collection.


I was poking around on the Stronghold Games website and wow have they got some beauties lined up! Bear Valley is coming in June, I don’t know a great deal about it yet but from what i do know it sounds brilliant… Dive into caves, row canoes, cross bridges, climb mountains, and cut through treacherous underbrush as you stop at nothing — except bears — to be the first to reach base camp. Can you survive and escape Bear Valley?’ Sold! I don’t know what it is that appeals to me about escaping bears in the wilderness but something about it does! As i’ve mentioned before I love that table top games can transport you to these different times and places, certainly if you have the imagination as well as the love for the game. The movement mechanic sounds very interesting as well, but I won’t rehash the whole press release as you can read I all the information available here

A9_MS-1 [Converted]

Another June release and another sci-fi is Stellar Conflict. After enjoying the likes of Race for the Galaxy and Eclipse, i’ve been hoping for more sci-fi and somehow the Artipia Games ‘Among the Stars Universe’ passed me by thus far, so what better time for me to get involved than now? Stellar Conflict is actually a reimplement of the game Light Speed and involves taking on the fleet of an alien race for some real time space combat. Yippee!


pic2846415Again with the sci-fi, yet another Stronghold release that is getting a lot of people excited is Terraforming Mars. It looks heavily inspired by The Martian, though I might be wrong, and which came first I don’t know. Maybe it’s a happy coincidence! It does look pretty damn good though, great theme and many different mechanics to play with. I think i’ll really enjoy melding the sci-fi with the economy and manufacturing elements. This isn’t coming till September though, what a wait! But hey maybe by that time I will actually be able to buy lots of new games with some imaginary new found fortune.





Big Trouble In Little China Legendary Encounters! When I spotted this I didn’t know if it was the real deal. There’s no information yet, but after a little bit of research and having viewed a video from Gencon 2015 I’m happy to say it is the real deal, it is, it is! Big Trouble is one of my favourite childhood movies and i’ve probably seen it about 100 times so to play a game based on this classic would be amaaaaaazing! I’m happy to wait, I still have to play Alien Legendary (Alien is another huge favourite, I do love my sci-fi and I do love my 80’s) and the reason I probably haven’t got it yet is because with limited funds I tend to buy games that may have a short print run or go out of stock quickly and Alien always seems readily available. The day I actually go to buy it it will probably be out of stock knowing my luck! Anyway Big Trouble is aiming for an August release apparently, but i’m not convinced. Watch this space.

2016 looks to be a great year for games, every day i’m discovering different and exciting stuff and regardless or whether I buy them and play them or not, it makes me very happy that the industry is positively booming with productivity and creativity. Long live the table top!

If you want to friend me on BGG and check out my collection and wish list my username is LindsayJoMiller.


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