To sell or not to sell? Collectors Remorse…

 This was written whilst trying to get my daughter back to sleep tonight. Just a random train of thought and ultimately pointless!

Oh SOS Titanic, how I miss you…

I’m often torn as to whether to sell games I don’t play very much and know deep down I probably won’t again. I’ve sold a few games in the past like Mondo, Coney Island and Survive! as they were perhaps a bit too light for me. I sold Mice and Mystics because as gorgeous as it was I just didn’t enjoy playing it. I kind of regret it because it was such an attractive game, I feel so bad now when I think of those adorable cheese tokens! I definitely regret selling SOS Titanic because it was actually a good solo game but I didn’t like playing solo back then. Now of course I want to play more solo games! 

I think the times I sold games were probably ‘desperate for spare cash’ moments. I look at the collection I share with my partner and know there’s a couple I would probably not choose to play again in a hurry. Or maybe at all. Like The Producer (damn shame, if you’re interested see my review from February). But nowadays I can’t seem to get up the nerve to sell a game. Mainly because of the regret factor. What if I sell it then have an overwhelming urge to play it when it’s gone?! (Like SOS Titanic) I feel torn because there’s lots and lots of games I want and I simply can’t afford them all, and there are games sitting on the shelf going to waste! My partner Jon said it would be nice to simply give games away that you don’t play and let someone else enjoy them? Hmmm. That’s a nice idea. But now I consider myself to be a games collector I can’t bear the thought of parting with any. I like that I don’t buy tons of new games all the time and make the most of the ones I do have, but the ones I don’t play are like thorns in my side when my wishlist is ever growing. 

I guess buying and hoarding games isn’t so bad. People collect everything from stamps to lipsticks to technology, to mugs to old newspapers. I guess one mans trash is another mans treasure as they say. 

Are there any games you’ve had for months that you haven’t played yet? Any you have sold or given away and regret? Or any that you know you won’t play but can’t part with? Please share! It will make me feel less weird. 


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