My Game Colour

This was a super fun idea by @artofboardgaming on Instagram. Take a photo of the game colour you always play as. Since this took me a while to do, a lot of opening up games and the pain of  putting them away again, all whilst my daughter played near me, occasionally looking at me with a mischievous glint, eyeing up my workspace (i.e- the table cloth) as if to say ‘I’m going to destroy you mother….’ So after all that I thought I’d share the photos on my blog in more detail!

My colour is purple. Despite my love of sci fi, horror and the supernatural I’m a bit of a girls girl at heart. But red just isn’t me, and not too many games contain pink! (At least not in my collection) so I always try to play purple. 

I decided to have a real ‘Art Attack’ moment (an art show for kids broadcast in the 90’s FYI) and decorate a t shirt with game bits. This collage was made from a ‘Day of the Tentacle’ t shirt and contains cards, dice and components from; Cosmic Encounter, Terra Mystica, Last Will, Ticket to Ride Nordic, Rococo, Gum Gum Machine, Village, Bruges, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Broom Service, A Stud In Emerald, Eldritch Horror, Dale of Merchants, Shakespeare, The Gallerist, Dugeon Petz and MTG Dark Ascension. 

There’s lots of great photos that have been made and I can’t wait to see more. Follow the hashtag #myboardgamecolor (US spelling of colour) to view. Thanks for looking!


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