Board Gaming The Insta Way

In January I decided to move my blog that had been sitting on Tumblr gathering dust for a couple of years, and began the painstaking task of copying text over and reuploading photos. It was pretty much unviewed on Tumblr, the now home of teenagers and the porn GIF (though to be fair I was obsessed with my Tumblr for a while) and anyway my early posts are pretty rubbish and my photos weren’t great quality, but I didn’t want them to go waste. So I ended up here on WordPress and thought I’d start fresh. Then I thought well how will anyone ever find me? 

I had an Instagram for my online clothing store (now kaput) and was fairly savvy with how to use it, so I created a new account and was convinced it would be pointless and I wouldn’t be finding any tabletoppers on there. Boy was I wrong! After finding a few hashtags and following some people I was happily surprised with what a solid community there was. People seemed to know each other. How cool! And there began my journey Insta Game life. 

I’m still pretty sure no one would read this blog if there were no links on Instagram (apart from the people who have kindly added me to their WordPress feed). I had a chat with a Google Ads guy when I set my shop up and it takes a lot of graft (and money!) to get anywhere near the first ten pages of a Google search. But I’m not too bothered, I didn’t start this blog to create a mass following, I just wanted to talk about my passion for board games and share cool stuff with people into the hobby. I also like taking photographs of games I play (I worked as a photographer for years and never got out of the habit of setting up photos). I love seeing others photos of course, especially creative things people do with board games (there’s one girl who paints her nails to match her games, but I’m talking arty nail wraps not just the colour. That’s goals right there.) It has also been super inspiring to see games I haven’t previously heard of, or find about about new Kickstarters or designers who are prototyping.

It was also surprising how friendly people are. Not everyone. But most people. So when others started commenting on my posts I thought wow this is cool! Actual interaction. On my previous Instagram people would unfollow in droves if I put a certain picture up. Never figured out why (or cared too much). With the Intsta game community that doesn’t really happen. On occasion I’ll admit to being unfollowed and thinking ‘No, no come back! You’ll like me! No more cat pictures I promise!!’ But generally all very lovely people, I’ve actually met some people I would consider friends through Insta who I’ve never met, one is a lovely girl from near Newcastle, I knew her from my previous account, who probably didn’t know I was board games mad, but I’m convinced we were actually separated at birth. There was a nice person who started talking to me about battling anxiety (who was a mental health practitioner so I’m thinking it was good info). It’s also cool how I’ve met so many people from different places. I like to think that in the future if I could take more holidays or travel (unlikely but one can dream!) I would have a board gaming buddy in many countries. How cool is that? Either way I now know more people from the UK who play board games. 

Most recently I started making videos, hated everything (if I made a compilation of outakes it would be alot of swearing, hair ruffling and annoyed faces) but I was determined to keep trying, and I got some encouraging ‘don’t give up’ comments which I thought was nice. Then another super cool chap asked if I would like to do videos as part of a collaboration. Ermmmm hell yeah! Why let my natural dorkiness get in the way? I’m that person who can be horribly insecure but refuses and just cannot be a wallflower.That was a really nice boost out of the rut I was in. Well I’m still in a rut but it’s helped shift my focus a bit. So to conclude this ramble; Thank you to anyone who reads or those who I know read my blog, it’s really lovely and makes me very happy! Cheers guys!  


8 thoughts on “Board Gaming The Insta Way

  1. That was an awesome article!! I actually started posting my pics in tumblr to!! Was very unsuccessful! My daughters introduced me to Instagram and I have never looked back! I hardly use tumblr now! 😎 I wonder who that ‘super cool chap’ is though?? 😂


  2. I discover you on Instagram and your game moods and tastes are pretty cool. I’m happy to discover you again on wordpress where I migrate my ancient blog Patate des ténèbres (potatoe of darkness), neighbor with my dungeon & dragon blog the journey of deryn naythas.


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