All These Things That I Have Done

Ok this is a bit of a personal (and long!) post, however it will link to board gaming in the end, but if you’re just here for the board games feel free to scroll down now, no offence will be taken!

So basically in my years I’ve done quite a lot of stuff. Nothing that has gone the distance or been consistent. I’ve played in a band (guitar and vocals!) and made my own fanzines (before the online age). I’ve been a studio photographer, baker and bra fitter (not all at the same time) got a degree (I was a ‘mature’ student) did internships where I realised I was no longer hip or energetic enough to fit in, ended up in a high pressure office job, had a anxiety related meltdown, started a fashion business, worked somewhere awful part time, got unexpectedly pregnant, ended the business, tried to go back to the awful job after having my daughter, had another bout of anxiety, and here I am! So I’ve done a lot, much of it has failed either by my own doing or from outside factors I couldn’t control (redundancy etc). 

Now outside of motherhood I’m trying to find my place in the world again. I’ve only really come ‘back to life’ in the past couple of months, prior to that I was in a completely sleep deprived limbo state and was definitely experiencing some kind of post natal depression and heightened anxiety. The cloud has pretty much lifted now and I feel alot more positive and focused. My various failed ventures all taught me lessons and gave me different skills and experiences. Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with them. I began this year with a couple of resolutions: learn to drive at last (still hasn’t happened because money or lack thereof) deep clean the oven (absolutely hasn’t happened) and do something I WANT to do. I was going to write a book, instead I decided to design a board game because one random night I thought well why not? I wanted to write a consistent blog (check!), wanted to make games videos and almost gave up, but with a nudge in the right direction I’m now doing it. I definitely still want to create some sort of games event for kids. I wanted to do it this summer but it got too late to organise. So i’m now aiming for October as that is when the next school holidays are. But as with everything in life you need money to survive. So….
I was thinking the other night about rule books. I helped proof read and adjust a Norwegian rule book to a more native English that English speaking readers would understand. I enjoyed doing it and the designer said it helped a lot. A game is on its way to me from Singapore, I was going to offer to proof read their rule book y’know just to be nice. I was thinking about badly translated rule books. Then I thought well maybe I should do a proof reading course so I can get a qualification from a professional body, and then offer an actual service. I mean tabletop gaming is still a pretty niche market so I wouldn’t end it there, there’s quite a bit of work out there for freelance proof reading. But it would be nice to tailor it to something I’m passionate about. Then I thought well maybe I could offer more services in addition, related to gaming promotion. This would also help with my catch 22-need money-can’t afford childcare-don’t really want to work full time when my child is still so young situation because I could work from home. 

My question is this (and I’m planning to ask some of my board game contacts from different countries (contacts in the most casual sense of the word!) does anyone pay for this kind of service? Does anyone need a translator/proof reader when there’s perhaps friends or fans that will gladly do it for free? Does anyone need promotion when bloggers like myself do it for free already? Have I just answered my own question? I’m going to delve into this and brainstorm the idea some more. If it’s a dead end then fair enough, at least then I’ll know. And when you know, you know, and you find some other way to get by.

If anyone who may be reading this (or made it to the end of the post!) has any advice, comments, thoughts that could possibly help please feel free to comment/email/message me on Instagram. Thank you for reading!


10 thoughts on “All These Things That I Have Done

  1. WOW, I discover your blog (a potatoe show me the way) and I think it was a board game blog, but clearly, not only, and it’s cool 🙂 I’m not in the game buisness, but it’s clear that big company like Asmodée are in search of translators (they want to rule the world, after all), and so, many little companies find to. Sadly, most of amateurs I know prefer to save some money and translate by google… So, I hope you can found some job in that branch, and it’s great, to know what you not want in your life, crossing every fingers for you!


  2. Think the same as Tortue (as usually does ^^), but living through passions is the only way to live, in my opinion, it’s hard, the money clearly don’t come quickly, but it’s the only solution. Happy to discover you and I hope you find interesting things to do, you life seems to be very interesting for now, but yeah, with a little bit money, it’s always better! Congrats for the baby, the game project and the kickstarters ^^


  3. Happy to discover a part of your travel in life Lindsay! Your words echoes particulary for me who’s in search of a more deep way of feeling and a more simple life (projects are on the way!). For your question, yes, you answer it, sadly.


  4. I’m all for turning your passion into a career, I just have no idea how to do it. 😕 As for translation proof reading, there may be an opportunity out there. On Kickstarter I frequently see foreign games seeking translation services from their backers. So maybe a second set of eyes could to clean up those translations be used.


  5. There is a market – Look at Paul Grogen aka Gaming Rules, he does rules videos and helps writes the rules for various publishers. So he’s one to talk to. Look at him now, he’s making a name for himself. The difference is amateur and free “might” be done well. If you have your professional name on it, you should and can promise a consistent translation service each time. So go for it.


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