Tiffin Unboxing & Other Bits…


I made a video of unboxing Tiffin. I was a bit worried after I put it up. Worries such as maybe viewers thinking I’m ‘trying’ to be quirky or something because of how I can come across. I can categorically say no, not trying, and i’m not quirky, just a bit of a goofball with a grating accent. But I think that maybe I should finally learn (after all these years) to just stop worrying what other people think full stop, because I’m the only one with a preoccupation about it and I can’t imagine anyone else cares all that much! I still don’t know if the video medium is for me, but i’ll persist a bit longer and a kind fellow from Instagram who works in video shared some tips on how to make my videos a bit more engaging. But I had fun making it! And now it’s done i’m sharing the hell out of it because why not?

I get very excited about getting a brand new game. It’s unfortunate I haven’t played it yet but I haven’t been feeling too well past couple of days. I have been playing a lot of Arkwright recently  (playing somebody else’s game is the next best thing when you can’t purchase too often). I’ve also been enjoying seeing news from Gen Con. I’ve been doing a lot of research into a proof reading/copy editing career path and my brain has been working overtime. I was let go from my part time job as the owner could no longer afford to pay me, so it feels more necessary than ever to focus on career stuff. It sucks that I don’t that chance to get out of the house and earn a bit of extra money but to be honest it was a small shop where I was looking after it on my own with no security, I had people trying to give me counterfeit money and basically casing the joint (I sound like a paranoid nutcase but i’m convinced that was what was going on) and at this point in my life I am literally done, like so completely done with people belittling me, verbal abuse, feeling like an idiot and being treated like one etc. I won’t go into it all here but i’ve experienced so much for this the past couple of years, and now i’m a grown woman raising a daughter I have to hold my hand up now and say ‘enough’, i’m just not allowing this anymore. Anyway….

I haven’t been working on my game design too much these past couple of weeks, but i’m still going with it (in the back of my mind it’s always there!) and I still think it might be good enough to carry on with. I write about my progress every three months (because I don’t want to go on about it all the time) so in September i’ll write my latest game design stuff. And that’s all the news from shiny happy meeples. Below is a link to my video, huge thanks to a few new subscribers, the couple of folk that kindly commented and those that watched it over the two minute mark…I salute you!

Tiffin Unboxing





2 thoughts on “Tiffin Unboxing & Other Bits…

    • Hey! Thanks! Make some talking points as a reference and edit them together (rather than waffle on until I lose track of what I’m saying- he didn’t say that part btw haha) and do some cuts to different shots with voice over and avoid too many fancy transitions. TabletopBuddha on Instagram, nice bloke!


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