Halloween Giveaway Photos

I was dreading getting up this morning. There’s not much worse than feeling ill whilst looking after a small child who is also ill & doesn’t understand either of you are ill. So i’m scrolling through my Instagram half asleep, like I do most mornings, and I remembered seeing a giveaway competition that I thought looked fun. So my otherwise crappy Monday morning of feeling like death whilst being tortured by a snotty toddler was turned around. I never expect to win competitions but I like the excuse to take photos of my board game collection!

This is a competition by Iello Games and Board Game A Day on Instagram, a Halloween board games inspired picture utilising the colour yellow. Posted below are my photos and final montage. I don’t think it was meant to be a montage so I probably wouldn’t win based on that alone, but I really wanted to use the close ups and not leave too many out.

Happy Halloween!


Betrayal at House on the Hill


Potion ingredients from Alchemists 


A divining card from Divinare


Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space


Zombie tarot (not a board game, so a bit of a cheat here)


Terra Mystica & Lengendary: Big Trouble in Little China


Broom Service meeples & Broom Service card game


Components from Divinare, Terra Mystica, Pandemic, Netrunner & A Study in Emerald 


A snapshot of (part) of the mess I made 


How rubbish it actually looked


Final montage


Back This! Demon Espionage, JiaJie Tan

A few months ago I came across Demon Espionage, a fast paced social deduction card game with a devilish twist. I thought it looked dead sweet and really good fun. I am pleased to say that as of today it’s live on Kickstarter and I’m off to back it!


I had the PnP files kindly send by the publishers (a lovely bunch hailing for Singapore) but I have such problems with print and play (very dull logistical issues that I won’t bore you with) meaning that sadly I didn’t get the chance to review it and I would of really liked to. However other gamers (more fortunate souls with like printers and stuff) have played and reviewed the game, and all links can be found on the Kickstarter page.

For me Kickstarter is a great place to show support for games that you like, to help publishers make their game a reality and to feel part of a process.  I much prefer this side of KS to already well established publishers using it to generate pre-orders. Which i’m not against, but in that case I’m just like…no….I’ll…wait. 

Demon Espionage is the first game by Five Tails Studio and is cheap and cheerful, depending what pledge level you go for, but the physical base game with all unlocked stretch goals totals at around £20/$24 with a very low shipping rate added on.

The rules are straightforward, the game is easy to pick up and plays in around 30 minutes. You are playing as either the Shadows or Rebels, cute little demons & monsters that are battling to claim souls to join their faction. The problem is that you don’t know which faction each other belongs to, so at first you’re going in blind, starting a duel with an opponent using your combat cards, and highest damage wins to claim the soul. The cards you play can affect the outcomes in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, and it also employs the ‘rock-paper-scissors’ mechanic which I always enjoy. When the game gets going you can attempt to suss out who each other is playing as, which is really important, because the winner is decided by the faction with most souls claimed. So if you start ‘taking out’ players that are also members of your faction then there’s a chance that you will be on the losing side.

Demon Espionage looks to be a game that is easy enough to teach ‘non’ gamers as a way to introduce them to the hobby (something that is really important to me!), but has solid simple mechanics with a few twists and turns to keep it interesting. So, all that said, i’m in!

For all further information, pay the KS a visit here….







New Videos

Just a little update. I made a few videos this week! Two were segments for The Instagamers Network,  one micro games and the other on my favourite horror game. The micro game episode can be found on the link above, and the horror episode is to follow next week.

I decided on the evening I made the Instagamers segment that I would have an additional chat about ‘October/autumnal games’ and if it was any good I would publish it. Most of the time whether I like it or not i’ll publish it anyway, because I can’t stand to think I spent time on something that nobody will ever see. It’s really frustrating for me because I have an idea of what I want to say, how i’ll film etc, but because I film it after 7pm it never works out, because by this time my brain faculties have almost died and I usually  feel like crap. I much prefer filming during the day. When my daughter is older i’d be happy to include her in my videos, but she’s only 18 months old and will definitely try to put my camera/phone in her mouth.

I also made a little video ‘unboxing’ two out of four new games, I really like making those videos because I find i’m a lot more myself and in my natural state.

I confess I don’t watch other peoples videos as much as I should, which is really naughty of me, and I do sometimes, or if i want to watch something specific, but not as often as I like. If I expect people to take time out for me I should do the same for them. My excuse if fairly legitimate; I’m busy, I spend almost all of my conscious hours with my little girl and when i’m not i’m trying to fit in the 50 things I didn’t get done during the day. But I must start to take a bit of time out to be more pro active in watching other gamers material. I just wanted to put that out there because I feel horribly guilty.

In addition I am sloooooooowly getting my little ‘branding’ sorted out, but apparently nothing good comes for free so I’ll be upgrading this blog to look and function better when I have a spare £85 or so. Thinking back to earlier this year when I wasn’t making videos, talking to other board gamers and this poor blog was rotting away on Tumblr I feel really happy to have made some progress. So, watch this space!

Finally, I will hopefully be making some time to get back to some solid game reviewing in the next week or so! Yippee!




The Good Ol’ Euros

I talked for England in my little Essen Wishlist videos (thank goodness I cut them down to 6.5 mins) and I was toying with writing an epically long blogpost, then decided against it. Because essentially it would just be a long list and re workings of Board Game Geek blurbs and really, who wants that? No one I should think. So moving on swiftly; if you want to see my general and rather insane BGG Wishlist i’m under LindsayJoMiller, I cut such a lonely figure on BGG, so we should be friends!

I thought I would briefly summarise the end of my Wishlist for 2016 in this post. I was tempted to talk about Rising Five: Runes of Asteros which I must say looks to be super fun, and is another app included tabletop game, however it’s currently on Kickstarter and probably will be in retail at the end of 2017. So for those of us who simply cannot afford hefty pledges right now, well that’s a bit of a wait. As excited as I am about all these cool, innovative and exciting games springing up, to be perfectly honest I’m more of a traditional Euro gamer at heart. It’s the warm familiarity; it’s comforting, it’s cosy, it’s often bloody difficult and I love it. I often talk about themes I like, because I love stories and settings and beautiful illustrations and flashy components. But again, when it comes down to it, and I really think about it some of my favourite games are’t heavy on the theme. I’ve also mentioned that I like a bit of fighting in my games, a bit of battle. Which I do! But again, my all time favourites don’t involve super heavy conflict. It’s actually the quiet, slow burning kind that gets my brain working that I enjoy the most. I like gameplay that’s not too random, there’s not much left to chance.

So firstly I wanted to mention Rhodes and this is definitely one I can see myself enjoying. Read all about it on the link above. It sounds medium-heavy, so it would get me thinking, planning and plotting my potential glory, without my brain combusting (which I do like in its place, but I could’t play super heavy strategy games non stop). It’s an ancient city setting, fullfiling objectives by pick-up-and-deliver and developing your land into a fruitful paradise. Place workers, set up buildings and gather up VPs and cash to win the game. It sounds a bit Puerto Rico esque, but having read the rulebook it’s different enough. Which is ok sometimes y’know? I’m not always looking for something monumentally different. So, Rhodes, I shall look forward to a UK release.


Secondly and finally, I think that Round House deserves a mention. Visit the link to discover what it’s all about! This looks to be a super interesting economic simulation game, pretty medium-heavy, with sturdy and well established mechanics. I love the sound of moving your player token around the modular rondel board, (I am yet to play a game with a rondel, yippee!) to get the most actions out of your family members. And did I mention it looks beautiful? Always a plus, especially when it’s not a case of style over substance.


Well, for the past month I’ve talked about new releases, up ‘n’ coming games and future frontrunners, and I am all out of wishes. So I’m really looking forward to actually relaxing and playing more games, because sometimes, between everything else i’m up to I often forget that it’s ok to just sit down, breathe, switch game brain on and forget everything else.

Happy Essen week, and happy gaming!



Essen Wishlist P2

The second (and final) part of my Essen Wishlist video is now on You Tube here. The sound is a little bit better, I didn’t get my act together and buy a mic, but I did change rooms to film in and spliced it a little less. So it’s a touch better than my last one.

Thanks for watching!