New Videos

Just a little update. I made a few videos this week! Two were segments for The Instagamers Network,  one micro games and the other on my favourite horror game. The micro game episode can be found on the link above, and the horror episode is to follow next week.

I decided on the evening I made the Instagamers segment that I would have an additional chat about ‘October/autumnal games’ and if it was any good I would publish it. Most of the time whether I like it or not i’ll publish it anyway, because I can’t stand to think I spent time on something that nobody will ever see. It’s really frustrating for me because I have an idea of what I want to say, how i’ll film etc, but because I film it after 7pm it never works out, because by this time my brain faculties have almost died and I usually  feel like crap. I much prefer filming during the day. When my daughter is older i’d be happy to include her in my videos, but she’s only 18 months old and will definitely try to put my camera/phone in her mouth.

I also made a little video ‘unboxing’ two out of four new games, I really like making those videos because I find i’m a lot more myself and in my natural state.

I confess I don’t watch other peoples videos as much as I should, which is really naughty of me, and I do sometimes, or if i want to watch something specific, but not as often as I like. If I expect people to take time out for me I should do the same for them. My excuse if fairly legitimate; I’m busy, I spend almost all of my conscious hours with my little girl and when i’m not i’m trying to fit in the 50 things I didn’t get done during the day. But I must start to take a bit of time out to be more pro active in watching other gamers material. I just wanted to put that out there because I feel horribly guilty.

In addition I am sloooooooowly getting my little ‘branding’ sorted out, but apparently nothing good comes for free so I’ll be upgrading this blog to look and function better when I have a spare £85 or so. Thinking back to earlier this year when I wasn’t making videos, talking to other board gamers and this poor blog was rotting away on Tumblr I feel really happy to have made some progress. So, watch this space!

Finally, I will hopefully be making some time to get back to some solid game reviewing in the next week or so! Yippee!





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