Back This! Demon Espionage, JiaJie Tan

A few months ago I came across Demon Espionage, a fast paced social deduction card game with a devilish twist. I thought it looked dead sweet and really good fun. I am pleased to say that as of today it’s live on Kickstarter and I’m off to back it!


I had the PnP files kindly send by the publishers (a lovely bunch hailing for Singapore) but I have such problems with print and play (very dull logistical issues that I won’t bore you with) meaning that sadly I didn’t get the chance to review it and I would of really liked to. However other gamers (more fortunate souls with like printers and stuff) have played and reviewed the game, and all links can be found on the Kickstarter page.

For me Kickstarter is a great place to show support for games that you like, to help publishers make their game a reality and to feel part of a process.  I much prefer this side of KS to already well established publishers using it to generate pre-orders. Which i’m not against, but in that case I’m just like…no….I’ll…wait. 

Demon Espionage is the first game by Five Tails Studio and is cheap and cheerful, depending what pledge level you go for, but the physical base game with all unlocked stretch goals totals at around £20/$24 with a very low shipping rate added on.

The rules are straightforward, the game is easy to pick up and plays in around 30 minutes. You are playing as either the Shadows or Rebels, cute little demons & monsters that are battling to claim souls to join their faction. The problem is that you don’t know which faction each other belongs to, so at first you’re going in blind, starting a duel with an opponent using your combat cards, and highest damage wins to claim the soul. The cards you play can affect the outcomes in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, and it also employs the ‘rock-paper-scissors’ mechanic which I always enjoy. When the game gets going you can attempt to suss out who each other is playing as, which is really important, because the winner is decided by the faction with most souls claimed. So if you start ‘taking out’ players that are also members of your faction then there’s a chance that you will be on the losing side.

Demon Espionage looks to be a game that is easy enough to teach ‘non’ gamers as a way to introduce them to the hobby (something that is really important to me!), but has solid simple mechanics with a few twists and turns to keep it interesting. So, all that said, i’m in!

For all further information, pay the KS a visit here….








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