Halloween Giveaway Photos

I was dreading getting up this morning. There’s not much worse than feeling ill whilst looking after a small child who is also ill & doesn’t understand either of you are ill. So i’m scrolling through my Instagram half asleep, like I do most mornings, and I remembered seeing a giveaway competition that I thought looked fun. So my otherwise crappy Monday morning of feeling like death whilst being tortured by a snotty toddler was turned around. I never expect to win competitions but I like the excuse to take photos of my board game collection!

This is a competition by Iello Games and Board Game A Day on Instagram, a Halloween board games inspired picture utilising the colour yellow. Posted below are my photos and final montage. I don’t think it was meant to be a montage so I probably wouldn’t win based on that alone, but I really wanted to use the close ups and not leave too many out.

Happy Halloween!


Betrayal at House on the Hill


Potion ingredients from Alchemists 


A divining card from Divinare


Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space


Zombie tarot (not a board game, so a bit of a cheat here)


Terra Mystica & Lengendary: Big Trouble in Little China


Broom Service meeples & Broom Service card game


Components from Divinare, Terra Mystica, Pandemic, Netrunner & A Study in Emerald 


A snapshot of (part) of the mess I made 


How rubbish it actually looked


Final montage


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