Shiny Happy Bloopers

I posted a video to my You Tube channel this week, purely just for fun and instant regret once posted, but I am not one to remove something i’ve spent time editing, once it’s done it’s done, and that’s it. It is a bit silly, but I think it illustrates how tough solo video making can be, especially if you’re often doing it with no-one else around (for the most part in my case) because you kind of have to be your own best friend and confidante, and sometimes, at least in my case, your own worst enemy too. So here’s my silly, sweary and endlessly frustrated moments from my 6 months of making videos…


One thought on “Shiny Happy Bloopers

  1. I admire you for the Youtube experience, I try that next year I think, not only for games, and I’m pretty sure it’s a rewarding experience, but a hard one. It seem funny to post failed takes, but I’m sure it was hard for you, so, thank you for the smiles and the always wise advices 🙂


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