Some Thoughts and Feelings on my ‘Go Fund Me’ So Far…

Please note: This is a personal post, and not strictly related to board games.

After a few weeks of umming and aaahhing I started a Go Fund Me page on Friday and I felt really quite terrified. I won’t go into the full details of what the content is, but if you want to find out more please do pay the page a visit, I’d love for you to have a look and see what you think. I wrote up a personal campaign as fully as possible to give as much detail as I could to potential donators. If I am going to back a game or fund a person I would want to know everything, so this is no exception. The basis of the campaign is I want to go to a Con, I want to go to a big Con and I would like to get to GenCon. Some people love it and say it’s amazing, some people say it’s not so good, but that is my Con of choice nonetheless. Whether I’ll make it this year or not time will tell!

Admittedly I was worried about a few things beforehand:

  • With all the bad that’s happening in the world, much of which is stemming from the USA right now, is it ok for me to be doing this? If I allow it my brain will just lead me into a full-scale panic of impending doom and guilt, so I’ve had to set these thoughts aside for now.
  • I was concerned about doing something that would mean leaving my daughter with her Dad and relatives for 5 days, I know she’d be safe and happy, she might miss me, maybe (!), I’d miss her like hell and could I handle the guilt? I have to remind myself that I am a good mum, with absolute love for my child, and although I might not get it ‘right’ all the time, I try my best every single day. The fact she’s a walking, talking, well behaved, amazing human who eats vegetables and goes to bed on time is partly down to my constant graft for the past 22 months. I think it’s ok to have a break every now and then, not usually a long one like this would be, but enjoying myself every now and then is acceptable. But also it’s actually helping toward our future in some way, so I’m trying not to feel too guilty. It’s not like I’m buggering off the Bahamas to lie on the beach and drink cocktails all day (chance would be a fine thing hehehe). If I go I’ll be working hard to get some great content for this blog and my channel, networking for my business and researching for my project and I’m hoping a trip alone will actually be character building for the better!
  • I was worried that I’d get some negativity, and I have. I’ve accepted some people might think that it’s not a great idea, and that’s fine, and if that’s the case they don’t have to engage with it on any level .
  • Lastly I was concerned with is it wrong to ask for funding? It’s not like a Kickstarter game where backers get something fantastic they want at the end of it. This is like me asking for a monetary favour. I’ve tried to think of ways I can thank people, and what I can create at the end that might be worth funding me for and I covered this on my page. But I get it, truly, with all the worthwhile causes to donate to; this is not up there. So this bothered me, until I actually ran it by a couple of people and heard of others that have done similar for personal funding to travel and then it seemed less weird and more feasible.

So that is a run down of a few of the things that kept me awake at night for the past couple of weeks. Also having to move out of the house we’ve lived in for three years made for a rocky start to 2017. Now the dust has settled I think it’s a blessing. We have found a place to live that’s far more manageable for me, and closer to our families, which also makes finding a part time job around my daughter easier. I’ve also been scouring the house for things to sell on good ol’ eBay and I’ll be finishing my qualification and setting up my business in the next couple of months, so fingers crossed for all that so I can help myself out a bit!

I’ll finish this on a huge positive- I’ve had some lovely feedback from my campaign so far, a few great interactions and some donations already and that’s made me really happy. I just hope those people know how much it means to me and that I truly appreciate it.

Thanks for reading!




6 thoughts on “Some Thoughts and Feelings on my ‘Go Fund Me’ So Far…

  1. I wanted to say I think there is nothing wrong with launching the Go Fund Me for this, your blog is great. As someone who would also like to get to GenCon one day, I wish you the best of luck with it.


  2. You want to go to GenCon and raise funds? Go for it! I’ll be rooting for you. I hope you get to go to GenCon. It sounds like a lot of fun and definitely could help you with content to boot.


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