My Podcast Journey & The First Episode From The Five By


The first episode of The Five By podcast aired today and it’s super exciting to be a part of it. I was first asked to join by Mason from WDYPTW who I knew from Twitter, and was told that his co-cost on What Did You Play, Mike, had an idea for a new show with a concise no nonsense format- 5 board game enthusiasts talk for 5 minutes about 5 different games every other week. I thought it sounded like a great concept, and absolutely achievable for me. I love talking, I love games and I have never done a podcast before so I thought ‘why the hell not?’ I don’t think I could do a podcast that wasn’t pre-recorded, i’m not so great with on the spot wit, I feel like i’m more of a slow burner, i’ll usually think of a good retort or point tomorrow. I like to research and plan so this was perfect for me. The plus of not faffing with my hair and recording in my pjs was also rather appealing. I was also very nervous; since I started making videos I have become a lot more confident but this is new territory. Let me tell you audio recording is tough, and editing was strange for me as it’s completely different to video. Luckily I had some help from Mike and with the support of my co-hosts I pulled together the confidence to create a decent segment.

So, if you like podcasts, or perhaps want to pop your podcast cherry, and you have a half hour to spare you can listen to Ruth of Sequential Gamer talk about SeaFall, Mike discuss Automobiles, Mason cover Troyes and Stephanie from Geeks Who Drink share her thoughts on Kanagawa. Then there’s… me, with Order of The Gilded Compass.

You can listen every other Wednesday on RRS, Stitcher and iTunes.

Next time I’m talking…Myrmes, where I will share my experience of how a self confessed insectphobe can  grow to love a worker placement game about surviving in an ant colony.

Thanks for reading!