A Shiny Happy Thank You…

Note:  As per my last GFM update, if you see your image on here and *don’t* want it on here please let me know asap and I shall remove it. Thanks!

Below are the faces, avatars and names of the wonderful people that contributed to my Go Fund Me. When I set it up back in February I really had no idea how it was going to pan out. I was hopeful, nervous and excited all at the same time (and sometimes just a little terrified). But amidst some negativity here and there, and the occasional niggles of self doubt (and one short time period of total doubt) I stuck to my guns. Now i’m off to GenCon50 2017 in less than two months! I’m totally ecstatic- and still terrified!

I may not have ‘made it’ to my goal, but it was a ball park figure. The contributions I had made it possible for me to buy my plane ticket, which was the biggest expense that I simply could not have afforded on my own. I made a recent video summarising some of my aims and plans for the event here. If you want to know why I set this up in the first place and what I intended from the get-go, please do visit the GFM (which is still active and contains all previous updates.) If you want to peruse the games I am selling to aid me with further funding then please do have a browse through my BGG Marketplace list.

I also very much enjoyed making the thank you cards and sending sweetie gifts to people. I am planning to bring some stock with me, to stash in the pockets of those I was unable to send it to originally! I won’t say too much more, other than just a huge thank you to everybody who has helped me, even if it was just words of support and encouragement, or advice and tips, it was very much appreciated.

See below for my contributor collage, and following on from that there’s a little bit about each of these lovely people.  If you want to stay in the loop please check out my channel for Gen Con vlogs and expect lots of content come August! Yippeeeeeeee!

Top left to right (or scrolling through if viewing via smartphone)

Chris M(BitterCommish) Someone I came to know via the board game Twitter community. A Fantasy Baseball League Commissioner and a bit of a top bloke! Thanks Chris!

8-Bit Matt– A friend made through my YouTube videos, and an Indy resident. Matt, you’ve been incredibly helpful and I appreciate all the advice you’ve given me and support you’ve shown. Thank you!

Kelly– An all round cool human who I come to know through Instagram, a fellow board gaming mum, who also organises Pub Skeptic events and works in science! I think she’s the Scully to my Mulder. Thank you Kelly.

Marguerite- One of the coolest cats around who I first happened upon when I joined Instagram. Miss Cottrell does heaps of stuff but her You Tube Channel and Twitter are the best places the start for jam packed board game goodness. Thank you Maggibot and I am looking forward to meeting you.

Ruth–  My co-host on The Five By with the soothing radio voice. Also she runs her own convention! Please check out this lady, she’s fabulous (and also has lived in the UK, I can tell as she always seems to get my vibe!) Thanks so much Ruth.

Harald- I don’t know how he found me all the way from Norway, but he took a chance on contributing to my GFM and has given me lots of movie related tips ever since! Thank you so very much.

GirlyGamer– Angela is the super cool gamer with the adorable grandchildren, who’s always making me chuckle. Such a funny, warm hearted person. Angela has a great Instagram page, is one of my fellow hosts on The Instgamers Network and has her own You Tube channel Thank you Angela.

Chris S– Has an adorable son, I love seeing his cute photos on Instagram, and is an avid gamer who seemingly popped up from nowhere and made a donation to me. Thanks so much Chris, I’m pleased to know you!

Copac– A truly lovely human, Mr Copac really is just one of those super kind and caring souls. Board gamer, programmer and seasonal Santa- and I can’t think of anyone more fitting for the role with your generous warm nature! Thank you so much Chris, and I shall look forward to meeting you.

Anon- Someone who has been very kind to me, a great support and a great friend to have. I’m very pleased to know you and thank you so much for everything.

Joel- I come to know Joel through Twitter and then Instagram. Or perhaps the other way around. Joel made a donation to me when my page went a little quiet and I’d just moved house and was high on stress. It was a real pick-me-up. Thank you very much for your contribution Joel!

Mark– My fellow Instagamers Network host, this guy knows his tabletop and always brings a smile to my face. You can visit Mark on his You Tube Channel and see what he’s up to. He’s a dude! Thank you so much Mark and i’m looking forward to meeting you.

Mike– A wonderful person who co-invited me to be on The Five By podcast which I absolutely love being a part of. Mike you are a very good friend to have. Thanks for everything, you’ve been fantastic.

Glyn, Allie and Kai- My lovely other family members, thank you all so much for your support and kindness. Not just with my GFM but in general over the years. Thanks to you all.

Chris – This fellow was the first person to send me a donation. Thank you so much for getting the ball rolling Chris, it really meant so much to me. You also have fantastic taste in music and films, I can always rely on you to know what i’m on about!

Cole– A game designer and superb artist. Amidst a Kickstarter campaign Cole still found the time to drop me a donation. Thank you so much!

Tony– A fellow Miller, Tony designs games, makes videos on You Tube and generally brightens up everybody’s lives- not only with his amazingly coloured viking locks but with his super warm and lovely personality. Thank you Tony, and i’m looking forward to meeting you!

Voltaire– Volt’s donation kind of blew me away a bit, the page had been quiet for a while and I received a donation from Volt out of nowhere. It was a really nice surprise and I’m very glad to know him. He’s a super cool board game fanatic with an adorable family- just a really awesome bloke who i’m sad i’m not going to meet (yet!) Thank you so much again, it really meant so much.

Chiz– A fellow board game enthusiast from my neck of the woods who I’m grateful to know. A very genuine person who always has something kind or funny to say. Thank you very much my friend.

Jim– Who made a really thoughtful donation to me, and in return I sent him the weirdest sweets I could find, I believe he was the lucky recipient of ‘chicken paws’. A game designer and publisher Jim will be at Gencon with Devious Weasel. Thanks for your support and kindness Jim and I shall look forward to meeting you.

Sterling Quick– He of the superhero name who eluded me for so long, until I finally figured out who he was! Mr Quick is an Instagram buddy who just so happened to find my page and make a contribution. Thank you! (and i’m so relieved I come to know who you were.)

Chris Zero– One of my oldest friends of 17 years. Even though we don’t see each other regularly anymore it’s still so nice that he thought to send a donation my way. Chris has always been a brilliant artist with a pure punk spirit, and I’m so glad he’s doing what he’s doing. Thank you Chris!

Anon- I’m so grateful for your existence and glad you’re in my life! You’re the bees knees. Thank you so much.

Matthias- An Instabuddy who very kindly contributed back in the those initial couple of weeks and then another surprise booster later on. Matt knows his board games and he knows his beer! Thanks Matt, i’m looking forward to meeting you.

Keith– I have no idea how I came to know Keith but I’m glad that I do! A videographer, board game player and fellow pop culture aficionado. Thank you for finding me, contributing and stopping to chat with me!

Gavin– A donation all the way from Australia, Gavin is another person who came from nowhere and contributed. It was really wonderful to receive donations for those that I knew but Gavin was another who surprised me as he didn’t previously know me, but liked my page and what I was up to enough to contribute. Gavin also known as The Prototyper on Twitter is a game designer and publisher who can be found here. Thank you so much!

Annette- Also goes by Nettersplays and (along with Maggibot) was one of the first board gamers I came across on Instagram who inspired me. I was lucky enough to join The Instagamers Network which Annette co-founded, and I love working with her. Not only does she have a vastly extensive knowledge of all things tabletop but she also has an Instagram Page dedicated to her pet birdie. Awwww! Thanks Annette.

Hollie– This lovely lady is an old school friend of my sister, and someone I was often around when I was growing up. It was such a surprise to have a donation from someone I hadn’t seen in years but remembered me. Thank you so much Hollie, and it makes me happy to see you’ve done so well for yourself. Lots of luck to you in all your future endeavours.

…and you know what?? I think that’s it. Thanks for reading!













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