Kickstarter Preview: Getting my teeth into Monster Slaughter


Monster Slaughter is the recipe for all things that I enjoy: classic monsters like vampires & werewolves, the teenagers in a crumbling cabin movie trope and a wonderfully made 3D board which depicts the cabin and surrounding area and vivid artwork.

You play by using your three-card monster family and the actions they provide, such as moving, searching and a special action that only your family can perform, which are determined by rolling your monster dice. Your mission is to hunt down the hapless teens by breaking down doors, moving from room to room and locating each of them by searching rooms, all of which have a corresponding randomised decks of cards. Some of these cards will be bonus actions to assist your family, that you can save to play later on or that have immediate effects. You score points for how many kills you make, killing your chosen ‘favourite’ teen or predicting what order the teens will die.


I enjoyed the hand management, the use of actions and fun theme, although I would of liked if there were further ways to mitigate the dice, or just an extra something to give it a little more crunch. But y’ know not all games have to be especially crunchy, or make you pull your hair out with crippling decision-making. Also, as I played two-player only I can’t help to feel it would have been a bit livelier with more people involved. My colleagues at Board Game Exposure also Monster Slaughter with their children so that also takes the game down a slightly different route because I think that it’s especially great for younger players to get their teeth into.


Iff you like light hand management, dice chucking and large footprint games with loads of stuff then you’ll most likely enjoy Monster Slaughter, and if you are playing with a bigger group or younger players I think you’ll have a very good time. And I must say the Kickstarter campaign is wonderful and the great quality prototype I played with is a testament to how good the finished product will be. As it’s in the last few days lots of Kickstarter, further goodies have been unlocked via stretch goals, such as even monster families, miniatures, a horror soundtrack and further scenarios…and it all looks bloody fantastic.

So check it out here, see what you think and please visit Gaming Knights for a play through and thoughts from my BGE colleague Jason.




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