Patchwork, Uwe Rosenberg

Patchwork is a smart little game for two players by Uwe Rosenberg who is a very clever chap indeed! So basically you move around the centre board collecting your button income which you use to buy pieces of quilt (beautifully printed decent cardboard quilt) and some have buttons on and that’s your button income. As you choose your pieces you move the marker to the one you want and you can only choose the three in front of wherever the marker is.


You build up your board and try to fit it together like a puzzle and fill up as much space as possible because you lose points at the end for your blank squares. The tough part is utilising your space and competing for the pieces so your plans aren’t scuppered. When you run out of buttons you can skip a turn to move spaces ahead to catch up with your opponent and gain buttons for the number of spaces you moved.

Some turns you can’t afford the pieces and don’t have a button to your name, some turns you’re inundated with buttons and don’t want any of the pieces available because they don’t fit your quilt. All in all good fun, quick and simple, we would call this a filler game, so if we wanted to play a couple of games but didn’t have time for two heavy ones we’d get this little gem out. The only thing is that because we verbalise our moves (we don’t sit in silence and just take turns back and forth because we just don’t!) so we ended up saying the word button so much that it lost all meaning! With the supply and demand of games all over the place I personally don’t think it’s worth paying over the odds for. It’s a great game and worth the correct retail price of £17-£20. A welcome addition to our collection. More Info