Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice, Mark Rivera

Following on from my last post, I am going to be talking a little bit about Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice. As I mentioned in my unboxing video I’m not particularly clued up on wrestling these days, in any way, shape or form. I was attracted to the fun theme, the cool components and what I describe (I’m not sure if anyone else would describe) as kitsch. So I was pretty pleased to receive a copy to review.


I played it a few times on the weekend, and I had a lot of fun with it. You choose to play as one of the many bizarrely cool characters (complete with awesome costumes of my dreams,) and each comes with its own stand up and ability card. You have a whole bunch of lovely coloured dice depicting various symbols, which a first I was unsure if I’d remember, but it all became clear as we started playing.

 In a two-player game you roll your own set of dice each round to initiate the fight. You then have the green dice that represent the moves you can make when you hit an ‘attack’ or ‘counter’ roll. There’s yellow dice for ‘pinning’ moves, and the black/gold dice that can be used to trigger the character’s special moves. So each round you and your opponent(s) roll at the same time, see what’s been rolled and whether you’re blocking, countering, attacking or pinning. Following on from this you roll your green dice to see what moves you can make and how much damage they shell out to your opponent- this information is clearly laid out on the character card. A separate player card depicts how much damage you can take. When you fall below a certain level you are ‘pin-able’. This means when you roll a ‘pin’ symbol during the initial fighting phase you go on to roll your yellow dice to discover the outcome of the ‘pinning’ move. You can roll your player dice up to three times to see if you can escape the pin, but much like in real life this could spell a K.O if you’re unlucky. The black dice come into play when you trade two of your original ‘hit’ rolls to use these bad boys, and depending which symbol you roll you may be able to make a special character move, all of which deliver an almighty blow. You can either lose the game by falling all the way down the damage track, or you can be K.O’d by a pin.

This all sounds like a lot of dice rolling, and well, it is! The clue is kind if in the title. I know from my previous videos I’ve mentioned I don’t like dice rolling too much. Let’s say for movement in a dungeon crawler, a game that lasts for an hour or more, for me it’s quite tedious. I guess that’s why I’m not a huge fan of dungeon crawling games. I also don’t like dice rolling when I’m playing a game I’ve put my heart, soul and best strategy into- and then it’s going to come crashing down with a bad roll. That bothers me. A game like this, and, for example Marvel Dicemasters, I have enjoyed the dice rolling aspect because they’re not meant to be anything more that some lighthearted fun. I played this 5 times in a row because it was short and sweet and I wanted to keep on trying ‘just one more gaaaaame!’ I do have horrible luck, so of course I was getting K.O’d all over the place.

With the right people and setting it’s a lot of harmless fun, the symbols don’t take long to figure out, so when you’re away you can just keep on playing until you’re all wrestled out. The rather fetching cardboard ring and gorgeous stand ups didn’t serve much of a function in our two-player game. You can just as easily roll onto one of the boards provided or the table. So I guess it depends on how much you want to get into and play with it. I can imagine for a wrestling fanatic or for younger players this would just be a lot of fun. But again, as with Codinca, you can pretty much bag it up with the dice and cards and take it anywhere if you enjoy the game but don’t want to ham it up too much.

So that’s Luchador! Again, this perhaps it isn’t one I’d play every weekend, but it will be fun to take away somewhere or play when I need a game related break from gaming (if you know what I mean?) and when I play with newcomers that aren’t full time hardcore board gamers. I was really happy with it.

If you want to know more, please see here for more info or pay a visit to the Backspindle website.



Not included in the game, but sent to me as a meeple lover, sorry but how cute???


Sandcastles, Andrew Harman

I spotted Sandcastles  by YAY Games on Twitter and really fancied it, and for a mere £13, I thought why the hell not?  It’s amazing how much fun can be packed into a small box with cards.
If you saw my unboxing video then you may have seen that these cards are more like square tiles and have various graphics depicting buckets, crabs and seagulls. They have different patterns around the outside that are the ‘walls’ and you use these to build and connect your sandcastles. In a two player game you randomly choose ‘objective’ cards that will score you points e.g-  ‘largest’ sandcastle, the ‘tallest’ sandcastle, a sandcastle featuring 4 bucket cards etc. You play by selecting a card each turn, either by drafting from three central cards, or from the draw deck in order to build your castle. Some of these cards are attack cards and these can be used to mess with your opponent, steal their cards and ruin their glorious sandcastle. When an opponent attacks you can play a card back on them to deflect their attempt, e.g – they play a crab to poke your castle, but you reveal a seagull to eat their crab, but they happen to have a bucket to throw at your seagull, so it’s like rock/paper/scissors and really fun!
 You can build several sandcastles at once, but you can only set aside your sandcastle for scoring when it’s been completed and all of your sandcastle walls are joined up and closed off. A two player game finishes when the wave card appears. It took about half an hour to play and I never got bored or found it repetitive. It was really genuinely good fun!
There’s a variant for 3-7 players and for solo play. I’m really looking forward to playing solo, in fact it was the main reason I bought this game as it has a solo option.  Unfortunately spare moments are few and far between, because my current life situation just doesn’t include alone/down time really. I remind myself that it’s not going to last forever and it’s nice to have games with solo play for when the time is right.
Sandcastles is a very good and worthwhile purchase in my opinion, and you can buy directly from the YAY website or from Square Orange. More info on the game here.

Broom Service: The Card Game


I actually made a video on Broom Service: The Card game that I decided not to publish. I don’t know, it’s the second time I’ve tried making a video and I don’t think it’s for me. I feel like I need another person to interact with and bounce off. Me in a room talking to a camera just doesn’t work. It’s not even a vanity thing, I know I have a weird wonky face and it doesn’t bother me (anymore!) but staring at myself as I speak is just too strange and watching it back over and over to edit is worse. So until I find a video buddy (and possibly someone who is an editing whizz) I think I’ll concentrate on my written posts. 

So Broom Service: The Card Game. I bought this game for a modest £8.99 last week, I do love those low price points! I very much enjoy the board game and thought this would be a nice addition to it. I haven’t played the card game yet but I have used the mini expansion for the board game that comes with it.

My first thought was concerning the box and card sizes. It’s a small box but has quite a lot of room inside. But the cards are tiiiiiny, like mini cards. Which isn’t a problem really, I just wondered why they didn’t make the box smaller or the cards bigger? Or maybe even sold them in a Love Letter style pouch with an emblem on the front or something, that would of been cute. But larger cards would of been nice because the artwork is so lovely. Anyway I’m sure they had their reasons for producing it how they did so fair enough!



The witches

This 3-6 player card game takes the ‘cowardly/brave’ element of the board game as it’s core mechanic. We have factions of witches such as Sun, Night, Fire, Meadow and so forth and each has a corresponding colour. Played over 4 rounds each player takes a turn placing one of the cards from their hand in the ‘cowardly’ or ‘brave’ position. When the next player takes their turn and if they have the same card as the one previously played they can use their card brave and cancel the previous one played, taking it out of the round. Or you can play cowardly and no one can stop you. So what’s the difference? Well if you play cowardly you’ll score at the end of the game for your potion points, but as there is only one potion on the cowardly side of the card you’re not going to score very big. The brave side has more potions and special potion symbols but if you play too many brave cards you run the risk of having the next player cancel them. The end scoring is based on how many sets of coloured potions you have, how many ‘brave’ potions you have accumulated and if you have met any of the task cards throughout the game. The task cards can be taken by a player at the end of a round if during that round you met the conditions on the task card e.g- 3 purple potions, 4 yellow.


Task card

It looks like you will have to play carefully in Broom Service card game, keep an eye on how many cards are in the particular witchy faction you are playing and how many are already on the table. It looks to be a tricky one and I’m really looking forward to playing it in full.

So aside from this there is the mini expansion for the board game and this gives you 16 extra cards. You can pick up one of these when you choose to play cowardly and each card has an objective you can meet to gain extra points, like trading in potions for points. If you don’t meet the objective you can still get a point for the unused cards. So they’re worth having, and add an extra something to an already pretty tough game.



I love Broom Service, I think this card game looks like a lot of fun. Nothing amazing maybe, after all it just a set collection/press your luck mini game, but for a low price point and a little expansion included what’s not to like? I also really admire the cute artwork in this game. I just wish that they’d made the cards bigger. Or put an insert in the box. Damn those production costs hey?
More info can be found here.

CV, Filip Miłuński

So we played CV last night for the first time in ages, and maybe it was the wrong game at the wrong time but I was surprised at how much I didn’t enjoy it compared to a couple of years ago. Perhaps it’s because now we’re more seasoned gamers or maybe it’s because it’s just not that great but man it was a slog. It’s very cute and a nice idea, matching up your dice and symbols on the cards to build your ‘life’ and meet your secret and common objectives, and the cards are amusingly illustrated and I genuinely enjoyed it a few times in the past but when we played it last night I felt like I was just staring at symbols whilst my brain melted. So maybe it’s a good gateway game, a good ‘family’ game but for a more experienced gamer it’s a bit…dull? Ah man, I hate being negative! But there you have it. More Info