One to Watch; Kill The King



My attention was recently brought to Kill The King, a new board game in the making, hailing from Norway (so you know it’s going to be good right?!)  Kill The King is a strategic tabletop for two players. In a game of attack and defence you are either trying to kill the king or you’re defending his honour.

The game comes with two alternate game modes. The  first is a regular battle between the two players armies outside the castle walls; one attacks the castle while the other tries to defend it. The second mode is a larger version, where you combine two game boards and one player defends the  castle, while the other attacks the castle on side each. It sounds intriguing! I’m really looking forward to playing more strategic battle games so this sounds right up my street. I’m excited to be playing the print and play game in the near future! 

It’s coming to Kickstarter in September, if you want to keep up to date follow the links below. This is one to watch.

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Thanks to Petter for the great images of the prototype game, which looks pretty damn cool already.