The Good Ol’ Euros

I talked for England in my little Essen Wishlist videos (thank goodness I cut them down to 6.5 mins) and I was toying with writing an epically long blogpost, then decided against it. Because essentially it would just be a long list and re workings of Board Game Geek blurbs and really, who wants that? No one I should think. So moving on swiftly; if you want to see my general and rather insane BGG Wishlist i’m under LindsayJoMiller, I cut such a lonely figure on BGG, so we should be friends!

I thought I would briefly summarise the end of my Wishlist for 2016 in this post. I was tempted to talk about Rising Five: Runes of Asteros which I must say looks to be super fun, and is another app included tabletop game, however it’s currently on Kickstarter and probably will be in retail at the end of 2017. So for those of us who simply cannot afford hefty pledges right now, well that’s a bit of a wait. As excited as I am about all these cool, innovative and exciting games springing up, to be perfectly honest I’m more of a traditional Euro gamer at heart. It’s the warm familiarity; it’s comforting, it’s cosy, it’s often bloody difficult and I love it. I often talk about themes I like, because I love stories and settings and beautiful illustrations and flashy components. But again, when it comes down to it, and I really think about it some of my favourite games are’t heavy on the theme. I’ve also mentioned that I like a bit of fighting in my games, a bit of battle. Which I do! But again, my all time favourites don’t involve super heavy conflict. It’s actually the quiet, slow burning kind that gets my brain working that I enjoy the most. I like gameplay that’s not too random, there’s not much left to chance.

So firstly I wanted to mention Rhodes and this is definitely one I can see myself enjoying. Read all about it on the link above. It sounds medium-heavy, so it would get me thinking, planning and plotting my potential glory, without my brain combusting (which I do like in its place, but I could’t play super heavy strategy games non stop). It’s an ancient city setting, fullfiling objectives by pick-up-and-deliver and developing your land into a fruitful paradise. Place workers, set up buildings and gather up VPs and cash to win the game. It sounds a bit Puerto Rico esque, but having read the rulebook it’s different enough. Which is ok sometimes y’know? I’m not always looking for something monumentally different. So, Rhodes, I shall look forward to a UK release.


Secondly and finally, I think that Round House deserves a mention. Visit the link to discover what it’s all about! This looks to be a super interesting economic simulation game, pretty medium-heavy, with sturdy and well established mechanics. I love the sound of moving your player token around the modular rondel board, (I am yet to play a game with a rondel, yippee!) to get the most actions out of your family members. And did I mention it looks beautiful? Always a plus, especially when it’s not a case of style over substance.


Well, for the past month I’ve talked about new releases, up ‘n’ coming games and future frontrunners, and I am all out of wishes. So I’m really looking forward to actually relaxing and playing more games, because sometimes, between everything else i’m up to I often forget that it’s ok to just sit down, breathe, switch game brain on and forget everything else.

Happy Essen week, and happy gaming!




Broom Service, Andreas Pelikan Alexander Pfister


This game was released during my brief hiatus from gaming, so I didn’t  know it existed until recently. When Jon mentioned it I was instantly in love the theme as I’ve had a long term interest in witchcraft since a teenager. Being an 80’s child in the UK I grew up reading The Worst Witch and Puddle Lane and the gorgeous artwork on Broom Service is very reminiscent of that era. It’s also the first ‘pick up and deliver’ game that I have played.


It’s super twee and cute and the Meeples have witches hats and it’s pretty much just adorable. So it was a pleasant surprise that this is one hell of a vicious game. Vicious! There’s something about it that is so competitive and infuriating and just makes me go ‘arghhhhhhh!!!’ For me it’s because I have plans and strategy that gets completely screwed every turn, but that’s why this cutesy game is so clever, because you’re having to strategise on different levels. You’re constantly figuring out what your opponent is going to do, what your plan is and what your back up plan is. I love this game, I did want to throttle Jon a couple of times, nothing like a bit of healthy competition and murderous feelings I say!

I really like the dichotomy of the theme with how you play it, and the really good thing is that you can add extra rules and components to the game if you want to make it more challenging…which we do! This was one of the best games we’ve bought in a while and I think everyone needs to don a witches hat and play it. More Info