Odin’s Ravens; Second Edition, Thurston Gimmler

Odin’s Ravens is a second edition of the original 2002 game and from what I’ve read is quite different. I spotted this on one of my favourite online stores Games Lore a couple weeks ago. Their prices are good, delivery is fast and they have a huge selection of card games. I like that when I have a spare £20 I think ooooh I can buy one or even two little games, yippee! I definitely have a penchant for small box games especially card games. I just love that a simple deck of cards can represent so many interesting decisions and each be so different from one another in terms of what you do with the cards and rules of the game. I love that there’s so much entertainment to have in a little box, just as much as a huge game with tons of components. As it was only £13.99 I expected I would receive a teeny box with a deck of cards, so I was very surprised to open it up and discover a nice sized box in the style of a book with a matte finish, two gorgeous laser cut wooden Ravens and three sets of beautifully illustrated cards. Lovely!   

The game itself is what I can only describe as charming. Charming and elegant with simple rules that do not make the game any less interesting, tense or challenging. I love that the rules have this little explanation of how Odin’s two Ravens fly out each day to survey the land and they’ve done this journey for a thousand years, so now the cheeky pair have turned it into a race. 16 cards with a land type printed on each side are placed in the middle of the table and your Raven starts on one side and cruises along the flight path by playing the cards in your hand that match the land type on the next space in front of your Raven. Sound too simple? Well you have 8 Loki cards that each have two abilities that can either affect you or your opponents movement or manipulate the flight path. These cards have to be played carefully because they are one use only. You have to make it around to the opposite side to where you started and whoever wins the race wins the game. Love it! Super fun, quick and I’ll say elegant and charming again because nothing else describes it better!  
If you’re a card game nut, love your fillers and like to play a two player, then this is a perfect game for you. Odin’s Ravens gets a big thumbs up from me and I’m so glad it got a second edition. More Info