Shakespeare, Hervé Rigal


Shakespeare! Jon picked up this lovely game cheap as chips considering Amazon’s ever fluctuating prices and got in there at just the right time. We’ve played it multiple times and pleased to say not a dull game yet. Very much a standard worker placement but with enough things to do and keep up with to remain interesting. You choose your characters to do various tasks to make your play better than your opponent’s by building set, kitting out your actors and activating their abilities to move up the ‘scroll’ tracks or ‘plot’ to get the prestige points to win the game. And most importantly have earned enough money to pay all your workers at the end….

The only part of the game I found hard was building the set due to the little rules about where certain tiles can or can’t be placed, leading Jon to say ‘nah you can’t put that there’ and me wailing ‘why, why?!’ a lot. Of course it’s fairly clear after a few games but for some reason I found it infuriating. It’s a great two player game, such a quaint theme and as you can see from the pictures it has some gorgeous and vivid artwork and of course you can see just how well you know your Shakespeare. Can’t recommend this enough! More Info