My Top 9

My Instagram is blowing up today with boardgamers Top 9 games. So I thought I’d join the party and share on here too. Here’s my top 9 and a brief summary of thoughts on each. This was very hard to do!


  1. The Castles of Burgundy An oldie but a goody. There’s something so incredibly smooth and enjoyable about COB and I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad game even when I’ve lost!
  2. Suburbia One of the first designer games I played and I just love building my own little town, seeing all those lovely hexes joining up and the delight of scoring points and taking income. 
  3. Twilight Struggle I never thought I’d enjoy a war themed game but I have absolutely loved TS. It’s pretty straightforward to grasp but so many tactical desicions to be made and really hard to pull off. I like to make risky moves and hope I don’t annihilate the world.
  4. Race for The Galaxy A beautifully clever card game with so much to do and completely different every time you play depending on what objectives you go for. I usually build up military. Always love the end of game scoring in this. 
  5. Doomtown Reloaded The Weird West setting, the poker, the shootouts, I honestly love this game. I think it’s the only one I played solidly with my partner Jon everyday for about a month. You never know what you’re going to get, you might have a half hour game, it could be a 3 and half hour ding dong battle. Beautifully thematic and genius in my opinion! 
  6. Fury of Dracula It’s nail biting, sneaky and just damn smart. This is a game where you can get totally immersed in the setting and the theme. I liked playing as both Dracula and the hunters equally. But I did enjoy beating up the hunters as Dracula.
  7. Broom Service A witchy theme, kitschy artwork and pick up and deliver, I’m there! But as I mentioned in an earlier review it’s a mean game wrapped up in a cutesy package. I really like that. 
  8. Concordia It’s just so tension filled, gets the adrenalin going, which is pretty weird considering it’s about settling and trading. It really is a nail biter for me, usually tapping my foot with nervous anxiety, hoping I can achieve everything I set out to do and get the Concordid card. Usually glancing at Jon silently praying he doesn’t get there before me!
  9. Eclipse This holds fond memories, played with 5 people on a New Years Eve it spanned about 7 hours and crossed over into a new year. Epic stuff. I must admit my favourite bit is rolling the dice and fighting with the ships for control!

So there we are, my top 9 in a nutshell and all my dorky reasons why!